At Lofton Motorsports Express Auto Service we say, "if we please you, tell others. If we don't, tell us." We pride ourselves on offering honesty, expertise and affordability. But don't take our word for it, here's what our customers say...

Jay W. - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have used Lofton numerous times, but this is my first review. The reason I started using them was because I received a promotional deal on oil changes. Boy am I glad I purchased that deal.

The moment I walked in, it just felt different from any other auto shop I have ever been in. They were friendly and seemed very family oriented. A very comfortable situation. I would send my 16 year old daughter there without me, having faith that she would be treated right.

The work they do is spectacular. They are quick and never pushy with upsales or making you feel like you have to fix your entire car when all you need is an oil change. Don't get me wrong, if there is something that needs attention they will let you know. They just don't seem pushy about it.

I would definitely recommend them for all your automobile service and repair needs.

Laura R.  - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

My engine light went on after parking at an odd angle in the hospital parking lot. While I was fairly sure this was what caused it, I took the car to another shop to check it out before driving back to Little Rock. They said they don't take care of check engine lights and referred me to Lofton Motorsports which was very close. I went there, they looked my car over and confirmed that this was the case, reset the light, checked it out and sent me on my way.

I am SO happy that they were straight with me. I detest car people trying to take advantage of me because I'm a girl and might not know better. When I find a place that is straight with me and doesn't try to rip me off, I want to tell the world.

They were very nice and helpful and there are dogs to pet while you wait. Thank you Lofton Motorsports! You made my day. ūüôā

Belinda B. - New Market, Maryland

We were traveling from New Mexico to Maryland and got a flat tire when we were 60 miles from Tulsa where we were making a stop for the night. My husband and I got up early the next morning and looked for tire places on our phones and found Express Auto and Tire, Lofton Motorsports.  We went to their place of business.  We were hoping it could be repaired and we would not have to purchase a new one.

We told them we were traveling and were in a hurry to get on the road.  They took our car back and in about 15 minutes they called us up to the desk.  My husband and I had already took guesses at what it would cost if they could repair it and we thought it would be around $60.00.  When my husband went up to the desk the guy said, just the flat?  My husband said yes and was taking his wallet out.  The guy handed him the keys and said, "We just had to plug it and we don't charge for plugs."  They repaired the tire, put it back on the car and even put the spare back under the car, for NO CHARGE.

We couldn't believe it.  So, thanks to Express Auto and Tire.  We would stop there again if we ever ran into any problems on a road trip through.  They had a sign that said, "If we please you, tell others. If we don't, tell us."  That must be what they base their business on and we would recommend them to anyone.  Thanks again for getting us back on the road safely and quickly!!!

If we please you, tell others. If we don't, tell us!